Author Topic: Trying very hard to get into SaGa games, how should i approach them?  (Read 721 times)

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I've heard of SaGa games ever since i started playing JRPGs 11 Years Ago. Every Final Fantasy forum i visited had something to say about SaGa Frontier games. The games always allured me with their uniqueness. As one person on one Russian forum said, "Forget everything you know about JPRGs when you play SaGa"
I've played only Final Fantasy Legend, as in, SaGa on Gameboy games. They are linear in terms of story but focus more on unique local stories in every world. usps tracking showbox speed test I loved them very much, and their story.
I failed to get into Romancing SaGa at the time, because, well, it did not had English translation, and i want to play the games in order of release. Thus... i wanted to play SNES version of Romancing SaGa. Now, it has an English translation, but i still can't get into it, because i don't quite understand how exactly i should approach it. I also want to play SaGa Scarlet Grace, but it freezes constantly on loading screens mid-battle. I can also try other Romancing SaGa and SaGa Frontier games.
I'm easily adapted to any genre and any form of gameplay as long as i know what i need to do in the game. So i want to know how exactly i should approach the game. All those years i tried to play games my own way, but it always was disappointing, but when i started trying to play those games the way they are intended, they get very enjoyable, so i'm sure SaGa will be the same and i will love it once i will know how to approach it.
Should i be less afraid on making mistakes? If i will make something wrong in the story, i should just take it for granted and move on, so every story would be unique? How should i approach leveling? Should i just fight only the enemies that are easy to me, while leave harder ones later? Basically, i need to know everything about how my gameplay style should be in SaGa.
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According to the SaGa Producer, Masanori Ichikawa : the enjoyable aspects of the SaGa series are the fun battles and the character growth system.
He believes a good system is one where you can grow your favorite characters to your heart’s content, so I think don't be afraid to make mistakes, just move on and enjoy. It doesn't matter good ending or bad ending as long as you enjoy it. It's only dissapointing if you don't enjoy it.

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