Author Topic: List of TBA (Not yet Released) Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, etc)  (Read 22637 times)

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Always nice to see some progress of the games.
I got a feeling some games on the front page list has been cancelled entirely but still unknown to us.

But "Omega Blast" 0.9 ROM released -

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But "Omega Blast" 0.9 ROM released -

Yes, rael16x a.k.a Nendo is good and consistent.
Ixion, Solaris, a lot demos of arcade ports, and now this Omega Blast.
Hopefully we'll get to see ver 1.0 of Omega Blast soon later.

The Shifting Catacombs, Satan Ball, Cthulhu: Tentacles of Hate, The Legend of Leyria, Majikana, Catgirl Pool Party, and many others. I haven't heard any progress of these games. Not sure whether they're still being worked or already cancelled.