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Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:06:12 pm »
Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders, is a fast paced 2D platformer with 2 mini-games included.
The main game features security cameras to avoid, firing enemies, grenades to collect, computer "hacking" to open doors or disable laser protection fields, and level card based locked door in the first prison levels.
The game will take place in 3 different environments (prison, forest, desert) interspersed with 2 mini-games including a reversed shoot'em up and an original abseiling game.

The project is targeted for the following platforms: Dreamcast, Megadrive, Gameboy, PC-Engine CD & Windows

Watch the video trailer here:

The Story:
In the year 2042, a socialist government is in power, but nobody had foreseen progressive dictatorship that settled in. The elites of the government hid behind a sham democracy, disconnected from the life the people were leading, and acted solely in their own interests.

The regime considered the dissidents as conspiracy theorists, treated them like terrorists and locked them away in highly-secured prisons, to prevent them from telling the people the truth about the manipulating medias accomplice of the government power.

You are Eris, a computer engineer and member of the Truth Defenders coalition.

After a clandestine operation to inform the people, you are locked away in the highly-secured prison Bulor 24.

But your knowledge on security systems will enable you to escape.

Your turn now to escape as fast as you can from this place!

Support this game on Kickstarter by buying the different versions for Megadrive, Gameboy, Dreamcast & PC Engine:

Please support the game on Steam Greenlight too:

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Re: Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2017, 11:32:56 pm »
Nice !!! Love me some more platformer (or puzzle game) since I'm not too interested in RPGs and shmup.  ;-D
Backed already for Megadrive version.
I'll give it a shout-out on SEGA-16 forum too.  :)