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Some feedback.
« on: August 12, 2018, 11:44:16 am »
Hi guys. So I've been noticing SEGAbits has been growing which probably sounds strange when u see the forums, but yeah the forum has been dying despite SEGAbits growing there which it matters most. Forums have become a dying breed because things become more centralized elsewhere, through social media, youtube comments but also major forums like Resetera take a huge part of the cake because the people are there. There's something I noticed however and maybe something you guys can think about. This forum has a small community but has many sections. I think major forums like formerly neogaf which now is resetera had  the right idea in keeping the section count small.

I honestly think that games discussion should just be one section which should fuse general and classic sega discussion and maybe even offtopic gaming. I mean does it really matter what games we're talking about. The website name will decide the main topics for itself imo. And offtopic can obviously be a section as well. So 2 sections:

-General gaming discussion.
-Offtopic discussion.

It'll help make things in a less active forum to be more centralized hence it'll be easier to sink in. It's something of the time. I feel like people have grown to be used to get information aqap. The more u have on one screen instead of many, the less clicks u have to make  to reach somewhere, the better perhaps. Well anyway sorry for the bad english but I hope it's clear enough. Whadya think Barry, or George.
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