Author Topic: SEGA at IAAPA 2018 - Launch of House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (Western Version)  (Read 53 times)

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SEGA at IAAPA 2018
13th - 16th November)
Launch of House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn (Western Version)

Sega Amusements International announces launch of House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn at IAAPA 2018. “We are thrilled to be part of this historic release. House of the Dead is the crown jewel in the Sega’s licence portfolio, with such a great heritage and loyal following. We pulled out all the stops to deliver the best experience. Developed by the dedicated R&D team in Japan, this game gets a truly special edition treatment in every way possible.” Commented Paul Williams, CEO at Sega.

Terrifying 3D moulded zombie :

Button on Front of Cabient :

The House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn super deluxe cabinet delivers a five-dimensional full body experience. Players will hear bullets flying and terrifying zombies from every angle with the 5.1 channel surround sound and sub-woofer system. High spec bass shaker produces 50 Watts of vibrations getting players on the edge of their seats when escaping zombies on a quad-bike or in a helicopter. Perfectly timed air canon blast makes players feel explosions and wind. Dedicated spot LED lights accentuate the thrilling mood of the game. All these features work together to produce a captivating, tense horror feeling that thrills players.

5D Experience :