Author Topic: House of Dead Model 2 Dump has missing textures  (Read 1980 times)

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House of Dead Model 2 Dump has missing textures
« on: June 30, 2019, 08:41:34 am »
I never realized this before. But after seeing a gameplay video of The House of The Dead on an real [not mame or emulator] Model 2 hardware, it's pretty evident that there are certain textures [Especially on stage 2] that are missing on the dumped game.
The reasons might be anything including:
-Bad dump of the ROM [Completely missing texture]
-Version difference [Maybe different revisions had improved texture]
-Emulation problem [Maybe it's failing to display the 2nd texture layer]

Here's some screenshots to show the obvious difference: [Didn't embed the photos cause they are too big and cannot be resized here in this forum. So just open the images in new tab]

I've taken the screenshots from this video: 
and then compared them with screenshots taken directly from emulator running on my pc.

The one running on actual hardware seems to have higher resolution textures. It could be version difference but then again, if you look closely, you can see that the one running on the actual hardware has the other texture [seen on emulator] over-layed on it.
I think the other texture which looks bland and low res [which we see on emulator] was supposed to provide only shadows and highlights on the real high res texture.  Then again, if I remember correctly, model 2 doesn't support transparency right? Ah, it's making me confused now.

Nevertheless, if the problem is not related to emulation and is just a bad dump, then we have to save the real arcade machines and make a proper dump. Else we will loose those textures permanently. SEGA loosing the source code was already bad enough. And this model 2 version is the only perfect version of this game.

If anyone here has more insight on these texture issues, let me know.