Author Topic: Realistic Possibilities? [Regarding Past Titles]  (Read 1736 times)

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Realistic Possibilities? [Regarding Past Titles]
« on: July 20, 2020, 06:12:48 am »
Hello all, hope everyone been doing well and safe first and foremost.
Been one helluva year, having PSO2 finally hit North America after nearly a decade.
the return of our beloved Streets of Rage, Shenmue III talks of bring back Alex Kidd.
 and maybe others, so realistically, will we ever see a Phantasy Star old school turn
based roots, i don't hate any of the spin off games such as the action online RPG
PSO/PSU etc, people call it an mmo, but im old school and don't think so that's just
my opinion. But I know that the game was supposed to be over story wise. If i wasn't
Dreaming last week i think i heard of an actual House of The Dead game! hopefully i wasn't!
I'd love to see another outrun or SEGA Rally game, really miss those real arcade feel.
And if so would be very cool, lightguns are kind of stepping up for a slow comeback.
I Know these aren't the official forums, but really am happy and blessed i was around
the 16-bit generation, Sega Channel.. the Sat.... i better stop right there i get super passionate
about SEGA! I'm new here by the way and hopefully it's an ultra friendly forum, with true believers
and other passionate sega nuts like me!

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Re: Realistic Possibilities? [Regarding Past Titles]
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2020, 04:10:38 am »

I am a fellow dreamer and I can happily tell you that one of our dreams is a dream no longer but a reality in the making! House of the Dead! Sega is indeed remaking those titles!

Forever Entertainment confirmed the House of the Dead remakes on Twitter, saying it had signed an agreement to remake the two games. “No platforms or release dates have been confirmed, and unfortunately we can’t say anything more for now,” the developer said.

Source: Twitter and Polygon

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Re: Realistic Possibilities? [Regarding Past Titles]
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2020, 02:26:12 am »
House of The Dead, Panzer Dragoon, Streets of Rage, Shenmue, PSO2, Wonder Boy, Space Channel, Alex Kidd !!!
Lot of old franchise ressurect indeed.

I myself was already happy we got Streets of Rage IV,
but still hoping for Golden Axe sequel.

Still Wonder Boy fans got it best.
They already got 4 games recently :
1. Wonder Boy Returns
2. Sega Ages : Wonder Boy in Monster Land
3. Wonder Boy : Dragon's Trap
4. Monster Boy and Cursed Kingdom
but rumour said they'll get one more soon :
Wonder Boy Universe: Asha in Monster World

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Re: Realistic Possibilities? [Regarding Past Titles]
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2020, 02:24:14 am »
 ;-D  Super awesome!

It's just amazing, finally seeing games by SEGA. even in the 21 century
2020 those games have a ton of replay value i beat vectorman 1 and 2
on the SEGA Genesis Classic on steam, with my lovely Sega Saturn offical
bluetooth game pad. Even though i plan on buying the sega genesis 6-button.
Has anyone seen the PSO 2 New Genesis expansion set. Well of course you probably
did :P we are all diehard SEGA fans on here right!!!?  :)  I know i'll have rotten
tomato thrown my way for saying this but I really want a Sonic Shuffle game,
the nostalgia factor for me is insane!

Had to re-edit my reply

To Velma Doo -
Wow I loved that game, and the spin off Typing of the Dead didn't really care about the latest one too much
i guess it's that SEGA Dreamcast drug that hit the retail stores on 9.9.99 having the employees Thinking!
Just cant believe it but when i did hear about the new HOD, i was like nah it's gonna go into the arcades, but i was
sooo wrong. Thank you Velma for the warm welcoming by the way sure is nice to interact with in the community
without the you know.... but appreciate it and cant wait till HOD release

To Berto -
Those are amazing games and oh yeah!
an Golden Axe game sounds good about now, because it has that classic double dragon beatem up style.
I'm 35 at the moment, but I remember the days in elementary school my elementary school "Girlfriend"
played the heck out of the game, we we're so crazy but in a goodway we wanted to play Golden Axe and
Altered Beast on our wedding day! I don't remember if those titles are on steam platform, i think
I've seen one of the games on there I think it was wonderboy.
which i played before omg so much fun havent played since i was a kid.

But i appreciate your reply my friend!  Thank you for replying :) [size=78%]
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