Guest Announcement: Adam Bryce James

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Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam is only 3 weeks away and we have more surprises along the way. Another addition from the Archie Comics talent line up, Adam Bryce James will make an appearance at the event. Sonic fans may all know him for his work on the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe issues #85 to #89. He will be joining his fellow Bumble King staff, Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker, and Tracy Yardley at the event in our artist alley section. Get your tickets here¬†and get a chance to meet them on Saturday November 12th in Savannah, Georgia at the Coastal Georgia Center from 10 am to 6pm. Hit the jump to read Adam’s bio and his Sonic the Hedgehog comic book artwork.

Adam Bryce Thomas is a comic artist currently pencilling for Archie Comics on Sonic Universe. In addition to penciling, Adam has collaborated with many writers as lead artist. When not drawing comics, Adam spends his free time expressing himself with watercolors with illustration. He is passionate about encouraging young artists and strives to be an approachable, welcoming presence in the industry.
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