A Special Message + Update on Fan Jam


It’s been four months since the third year of Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam ended and many of you are excited to play games like Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, Yakuza Kiwami, & many other SEGA games coming out this year. I must say that last year was one of the best fan event I’ve hosted with the help of many of my awesome friends from Georgia and the east coast. Hit the jump for a brief recap of the event and auction sale.


Last year, we had a huge number of special guests ranging from a talented voice actor, Archie Comics and SEGA all here for a huge gaming event by fans.



We had attendees play classic SEGA video games from back in the console days like the SEGA Master System to the SEGA Dreamcast including a little surprise.


Several fans within the Sonic & SEGA fan community came by and contributed to showcasing panels with strong dedication to their favorite games such as Puyo Nexus’ History of Puyo Puyo & Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3 Team on how the game was being developed for charity and so much more.


We also had Tee Lopes, composer for Sonic Mania, on the showfloor DJing some tunes from the game with attendees dancing to the beat and participating in real life SEGA contests based on Shinobi & Alex Kidd.

Since 2014, I wanted to show my passion for SEGA by hosting the event to help promote their upcoming games for people to check out and support. Plus, I would love to thank everyone for supporting me so far after 3 years  of hosting Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam in Savannah, Georgia. In other news, there will be a recap video of last year’s Fan Jam coming soon on the event’s YouTube page and I will auctioning off several left over merchadises on EBay to serve as donations towards the next event this year in 2017, which we will have more to announce later this May.

Here are the following items I will be auctioning off towards Fan Jam 2017:
Fan Jam 2015 SEGA All-Stars Poster – $20
Fan Jam 2016 Sonic & Eggman Poster – $30
Hardcore Gaming 101 x Fan Jam Fan Book – $10

We hope to make SEGA Fan Jam 4x more exciting this year in 2017 in Georgia for everyone! See you all soon – Patrick (Kori-Maru)

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