New Guest Announcements, Streams, & Location Details coming to Fan Jam 2016

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Welcome to the Fan Jam Zone! We are happily to announce a some amazing special guests will be coming to the SEGA fan event that will excite the Sonic the Hedgehog community of the southeast as Mike Pollock, well known for his voice role as the evil scientific genius, Dr. Eggman will be one of our special “SEGA” guest and well as the return of Sonic the Cosplayer with his array of amazing cosplay from various pop culture media and Tracy Yardley which you all my know him for his work on the Archie Comics Sonic series, are all set to appear at this year’s Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam event held in Savannah, Georgia. We also still have a tier reward on our GoGetFunding page available for donors to have dinner with the Fan Jam staff & SEGA guests after the event is over for $250 limited to 3 donors. Better get to it fast before it’s too late!

In other news, we have officially secured a venue & date set for this year’s event. We also have opened up submission forms for panelist and volunteers for the event! So if you are a SEGA fan/fansite owner who wants to share their passion of their favorite SEGA franchises such as Streets of Rage & NiGHTS into Dreams or are interested in helping out the staff to make the event the best in AGES, you can apply to become a panelist & volunteer by clicking the highlighted links! Hit the jump for more details regarding location & date of the event with prices on tickets coming shortly next month and two new SEGA gaming stream announcements! Continue reading “New Guest Announcements, Streams, & Location Details coming to Fan Jam 2016”

Come JAM with us in 2016! Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam is back!


Bare your knuckle and Pop some Puyo as we are happy to announce that Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam, the SEGA fan run convention event that pays tribute to the company and it’s line up of video games over the years, is coming back in 2016! Last year, we had tons of fun inviting Sonic & SEGA fans alike together in one spot playing classic and recent SEGA video games, showing SEGA fan films and unique panels hosted by dedicated fans , and celebrating Shenmue’s 15th Anniversary with Lisle Wilkerson (Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue) along with the other main VA cast as our special “SEGA” guests!

This year, we would like to invite more SEGA fans together of the south & the entire east coast to the event to not only celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary but many other SEGA game anniversaries this year like Streets of Rage, Sakura Wars, Puyo Puyo and many more. To top it off with more exciting news, we have Doryan Nelson, known for his work on the Sonic Prologue fan film, working on the artwork and animation for Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam 2016!

Want to help us & support the event? We have a GoGetFunding page with a goal of $3,000 to cover the expenses of special “SEGA” guests to announce, venue and equipment with games for the event with cool rewards to give out for your support. We will update our funding and website pages with news regarding the event, video game stream entertainment, along with more announcements coming this summer! So come JAM with us to the Next Level this Fall in Georgia!

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Celebrating 15 years of Shenmue: Shenmue VA Cast Skype Panel, SEGA Shorts and Brotaku’s Last Effort Donation stream!

Shenmue Skype Panel
Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce something special for the dedicated Shenmue fans who are attending at this year’s Fan Jam event in Savannah, Ga to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the franchise and that we’re having the Shenmue VA cast join us for a live Skype panel. Joining us will be Corey Marshall (Ryo Hazuki), Eric Kelso (Fuka-san, Ren, Chen), and Paul Lucas (Lan Di, Chai) on Skype and Lisle Wilkerson in person to discuss about Shenmue, how they’ve brought the characters we know to life, and thoughts about the upcoming Shenmue 3. If you have any questions for them, please feel free to leave your questions for them on the comments below. Hit the jump for other news regarding Fan Jam. Continue reading “Celebrating 15 years of Shenmue: Shenmue VA Cast Skype Panel, SEGA Shorts and Brotaku’s Last Effort Donation stream!”

Special Guest Announcement: Lisle Wilkerson and GoGetFunding Rewards update

Lisle Wilkerson Fan Jam copy
HEY! HEY! Come on over to SEGA Fan Jam as we are happy to announce that Lisle Wilkerson will be appearing at this year’s event as our first SEGA guest! Known for her voice work on several SEGA video games that we know and love such as Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi & Shenmue, Lisle Wilkerson grew up in Tokyo, Japan and moved to the US in 2008. She speaks fluent Japanese began hosting radio/television shows in Japanese/English ever since she was 19 yrs old and also works as a freelance voice actress for several other video games. For more info of her work, check out our SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show Episode #75!

As for rewards for our GoGetFunding page, we have updated the page with a brand new tier of rewards to our donors for supporting our upcoming event. Winners of our previous raffle giveaway will be announced next week. Here is the updated tier on GoGetFunding.

Spin Dash Hero – $5
Name on the Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Brochure
Vocaloid Singer – $10
-Name on the Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Brochure
-Thank You letter from SEGAbits with Fan Jam mascots drawn by Tracy Yardley.
Tetsuzanko Master – $25
-Name on the Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Brochure
-Thank You letter from SEGAbits with Fan Jam mascots drawn by Tracy Yardley.
-Fan Jam T-Shirts with artwork by Liam Ashcroft of SEGAbits & Personasama.
The story continues – $70 (limited to 15)
-Same rewards as the previous tiers
-Get a voice message from the SEGA guests in character (Sarah Bryant for example)
SEGA All-Stars – $250 (limited to 3 and would require to attend the event)
– Dinner with Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam panelist & SEGA guests!

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Tickets are also available here on Eventbrite.


Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Panelist, Artist Alley, Price & Date Announcements!

Hi SEGA fans & video gamers! We are here to finally announce everything that the Fan Jam event has to offer this year with tons of panelist from the SEGA fan community featuring Shenmue 500k, Twitter Personality Emily Jones, Extra Life Charity, and many more to be announced in the coming months. Fan Jam will also feature a line up of classic through modern SEGA video games and events for all attendees can enjoy similar to a convention. Featured games and events can be found by clicking this link.

We would also like to announce that the event will be held on November 14th 2015, Saturday in Savannah, Ga at The Guild Hall Arena. The address to the venue is provided within the link here and prices on tickets online (link coming soon) and indoor by hitting the jump. Continue reading “Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam Panelist, Artist Alley, Price & Date Announcements!”