Toshihiro Nagoshi talks about why SEGA pulled Judgment sales, no sequel planned

SEGA’s Creative Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi talked more about why he voted to pull Judgment from Japanese store shelves after actor Pierre Taki was arrested on a cocaine charge.

During the latest Sega Nama stream, Nagoshi went more into why he voted to delay the game he worked as a director on:

“There is no correct way to deal with the situation. In the end, I also cast my vote for halting sales. Some thought and pointed out “This is going too far” and “It’s unrelated to the game itself,” and I don’t think those opinions are unreasonable either—I can see it from both sides. So when it comes to why I voted for halting sales, it’s because it was just after release. If it was an older game released a considerable amount of time ago, our priorities may have been different, but when it was something that had been released only several months prior, I think it’s a different conversation.”
He also talked about news outlets discussing that SEGA already had Judgment 2, 3 planned out which he said:

“I saw news stating that Judgment 2 had been decided and that we had plans even for Judgment 3, but I thought “Who the hell?” (Laughs.) They’re talking nonsense; absolutely none of that is true. (Laughs.)”
While he laughs off these rumors and stories that the media have been passing around, he does talk about how the game has sold 97% of its shipped units and that it had a huge last minute surge in sales due to the arrest of Pierre Taki.
“I’m bummed that it sold like there was a last-minute surge in demand. It reached number three on Amazon’s sales rankings. But I did kind of think, “Why didn’t you just buy from the start?” (Laughs.) Of course I’m glad in any case.”

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  1. Boris Ivan Putin Vladimir the Terrible says:

    Buying the game now for the coke.

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