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Happy Cat:

--- Quote from: CrazyTails on October 02, 2012, 02:53:24 pm ---For some weird reason it messes up sometimes with https. Anyway i've allready learned how to embed videos but I still find some weird mistakes sometimes using the regular tag option (
--- Code: ---[youtube][/youtube]
--- End code ---
in this case). Just recently at the zaxxon thread ROJM wasn't able to easily embed his video either. I mean we can all find out how to do it eventually but the tag doesn't always do the job is what I mean

--- End quote ---

ah.. i see.. yeah, that's a valid complaint

i coded the youtube add-on myself, and regular expressions confuse the hell out of me. lol, and they are needed to read the URL and get the correct info out of it, so i did very basic things to get it working.

all the more reason to switch to mybb, comes with built in video embedding. but if we don't switch soon ill try and upgrade the code for that plugin.

upsidedown fuji:
I am not sure if you could re implement this feature or not from the older site design but I really liked seeing popular thread topics on the front page. It reminded me that there is a discussion forum here. I think I used to post more because of it.

Possibly linking news stories with thread topics could work for me as well.
-Sorry for not being as active anymore being a SEGA dad is not easy work. :D

The Reviews and Podcast pages should be archives of everything, with links for the respective review/episode, instead of a post dump.

Happy Cat:
If you guys haven't noticed I have added a latest forums topics box to the front page. I will try to alter it based on feedback i get. So it can be implemented in the new site and look great.

btw new site is really close to being finished, I just gotta get some motivation and pump it out, it's really close, I'm just being lazy.

Barry the Nomad:
Great to hear!

I like that recent forum posts are on the front page, but perhaps put the Welcome message at the top? Also, see if you can find a way to make it take up less space?


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