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I got really damn into Pink Floyd last month after watching the film of The Wall. The pattern I'm seeing with them is I'll listen to an album, dislike it, come back to it, and eventually come around to it. Though that said I only got into The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon after trying out their adaptations (the movie for the former and a radio play based on the latter). I doubt I have to say a lot considering how famous they are, but this is my fave song so far.

(For those unfamiliar; this is a song portraying fascist ideals and Nazi-esque themes but in the context of the narrative, it's meant to be a condemnation of such things.)

Needs more Pentagram:

and Witchcraft:

and Lord Vicar:

and Saint Vitus:

There are some very absurd metal genres being invented. Anyone ever heard of Mathcore?

My favorite right now :



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