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Hey all. I'm going to be taking some time off of gaming and social media in general. I need some time to myself, to think about where i am, and where i'm headed. I don't particularly care for the type of person i've become the last couple of months.
 If you could delete any of my previous posts and deactivate my account, that would be much appreciated.

It's a real shame to see you go buddy.

I hope whatever difficulties you're going through are sorted. All the best.

I'm sad to see anyone leave a community, especially when I've known that person ever since I first joined that community. I'm sorry that Atlanta meet-up I suggested never worked out, and I hope wherever your work takes you, it'll be good.

I never got to know you much, but I think I speak for everyone who did when I say: cheers, friend.

Barry the Nomad:
So sorry to see you go pirovash88, but there will always be a place for you here.

I am speaking with the mods to see what we can do with your account. I do not want to delete it as 1160 posts is a lot, and to remove them would be removing potential topics and messing up past conversations. I can mark you as "banned" if you so wish, though I would want to leave the option for you to return in the future.

Man, I hope all goes well. We will always be here if you want to return. Take care <3


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