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Barry the Nomad:
For a while we were getting hit with a lot of spam, and while it hasn't stopped I have beefed up the registration security which will hopefully curtail spam accounts. So hopefully it works out.

The letters for the verification are fine, but I don't know the answers to some of the trivia questions. I feel like that's why this website started to die off. No one wanted to go through all the trouble just to post one reply.

I'm not a fan of the sega trivia myself, but these capatcha can be a pain in the ass to read.

Barry the Nomad:
Some spammers caught on to the trivia and were actually answering the questions again and again so I mixed up the questions, and then they did it all over again. It was a real headache. Like a dozen spam accounts a day.

Happy Cat:

The bots are getting smarter.

SEGAbits under attack in the future:


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