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Happy Cat:
Report all technical issues you bump into during your use of the forum in this topic.  This topic can be a log of sorts where we note changes and report errors and or problems.

Feb 6th 2010: Disabled post approval for newly registered members.[/list]
Feb 7th 2010: Added YouTube BBcode[/list]
Feb 7th 2010: Fixed staying logged in issues[/list]
Feb 8th 2010: Large images will no longer stretch the layout[/list]

Happy Cat:
youtube tags, you copy the ID from the youtube URL

like this URL for example

you take the ID, which i have bolded, and past it inbetween the YouTube BBCode tags

like this

--- Code: ---[YouTube]hvBsj2-TidA[/YouTube]
--- End code ---

and this is the result:

While we're at it...

Image tags.

Take the link of the image and add (Or click the IMG code box)

--- Code: ---[img]blahblahlinkhere[/img]
--- End code ---

It should look like this.

I am still having log in problem.

I know you want to say its on my end. But this is the ONLY forum it does this too.
Firefox 3.6

Edit: It seems to be a browser problem.
Firefox doesn't like this forum. Chrome does...

Happy Cat:
I'm using the latest version of FireFox too.

Sounds like it's a problem on your end, especially if Chrome works for you.


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