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Introduction thread! - Come and tell us who you are!

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Hey, I'm crackdude.. I've been following these guys around for a while now. I love this community.

I use these boards to chill out after a day of my "complicated" 18yo life.

Crack, love your avy.


--- Quote from: "Autosaver" ---Crack, love your avy.
--- End quote ---
Translation = I've just fapped over your avatar.

I'm Ingolme. I haven't played any SEGA games besides Sonic, but I am aware of them. I'm an artist and web developer.

I really don't have much to post, so I probably won't be around much. I joined mostly because I was helping build the site, since I'm bored often and have nothing to do.

Barry the Nomad:
Hi, I'm here.

I'm Barry the Nomad here, at Sega Nerds, at Racketboy, on XBOX Live, at my blog and at a number of other blogs.

At the Sonic Stadium I'm Doctor Eggman.


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