Author Topic: Lost Dreamcast Game "Agartha " Released  (Read 7213 times)

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Lost Dreamcast Game "Agartha " Released
« on: January 15, 2018, 09:42:41 am »
For those wanting to follow updates on this its best to follow Dreamcast-Live Or Dreamcast-Talk for the latest news and also get updates for new Dreamcast games or Games that are coming back online like NFL 2K1

Taken from DC-Talk
Download here:

"Dreamcast fans had reason to get excited when video surfaced of the highly-anticipated, yet cancelled Dreamcast adventure game Agartha surfaced for the first time last summer. The game, which was developed by French developer No Cliché, was shown in playable form after it was found in a bundle of GD-ROMs that was bought on eBay.

Now, it appears that Laurent C., who has many Dreamcast prototypes in the past, has come into possession of the Agartha code and plans to release it online on Jan. 15. We're not quite sure how much of the game is playable at this time, however, but we've been told that Frederick Raynal, the former director of No Cliché, is involved in some form with this release."
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