Author Topic: List of TBA (Not yet Finished) Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, etc)  (Read 458057 times)

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Sword of Stone (Game Gear) - Demo Rom of 1st Chapter is Out Now!

The Sword of Stone is a new game for the Game Gear.
It is a visual novel with free roaming in a world.
You get to play as several characters and progress in the story throughout 7 different chapters.
This demo allows the player to try the first chapter of the game in its entirety

Download the demo here :

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Homebrew Saturn port of X-Men arcade gets updated demo, adding 3-player co-op and playable Storm

According to the description of the above video showing off the new additions to this demo, these are the all new changes to version 0.2.0 of the demo.

- New selectable character, Storm
- Three-player co-op, join any time
- Second stage, the Sentinel Factory
- Additional enemy types
- On-screen “mayhem” including “lots of sprites and explosions”
- A not-quite Easter Egg celebrating the release of Disney+ animated series “X-Men 97”

Developer hotrodx also clarifies here that they do not actually own a 6-player multitap, which is required for multiplayer with more than two players on Saturn.
They tested the 3-player co-op mode using an ...

Article :

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Moving Alter Ego (SEGA Master System) to 2024 List since the game is out now

Alter Ego is a puzzle game originally released by Retrosouls (Denis Grachev) for the Zx-Spectrum, and later ported to half a dozen platforms, including a Nes version by Shiru and a Megadrive one by Retrosouls themselves. already been ported.
The goal of the game is to guide your avatar and your "alter ego" across several different levels, collecting all the bouncing "pixels" while avoiding the insidious skulls.

Link :

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Added Goblin Kart Rescue for SEGA Master System

Version 0.9.8 is now available, with many improvements based on the feedback we received.

Improvements/New features:

The title screen and menus now have music
Sound effects (motors, etc) have been added
Added an in-race menu, for restarting or quitting the race, or merely pausing.
When falling off-track, players/AIs now respawn nearby instead or returning all the way to the start.
The "results" screen now has a "next level" option.
Thanks to using Compression and slightly better data structures, the ROM size is now < 512kB.

Download the latest rom here :

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Added P-47 II MD for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

The MD version of the side-scrolling shooting game P-47 will finally be released after more than 30 years!

The main visual is drawn by Tankro Kato, who made many box art for Hasegawa, a famous aircraft model kit company.

Stay tuned for future announcements.

Source :

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Here's another new one coming to kickstarter soon: The Eldritch Monarch

Also, Kickstarter links for these three:
Cyber Mission

Lethal Wedding


Thanks billybob, I'll add The Eldrich Monarch and keep an eye on those three kickstarter.  :-D

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And another: Shadow Gangs Zero  (not sure if it's different from the Shadow Gangs II already in the list?)

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And another: Shadow Gangs Zero  (not sure if it's different from the Shadow Gangs II already in the list?)

Oh yeah, they are different.

Shadow Gangs II is a sequel of Shadow Gangs I for SEGA Dreamcast, Neo Geo, and PC.
Shadow Gangs Zero was originally started as a demake / 16-bit version of Shadow Gangs I but then grown into a more ambitious project featuring altered level layouts, more animation frames, redone soundtracks, and additional stages so now it's becoming both demake version and prequel of Shadow Gangs I.

Added to the list, thanks Billybob.

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Moving Spaghetty Numbers (SEGA Master System) to 2024 List since the game is out now

Find as many primes in the displayed bowl of spaghetti numbers to beat the high score.

Game rules are:

- the prime number to find must be odd and between 0 and 200.So this means the prime number 2 is not a valid answer.
- for one digit or two digits primes they must exist with one leading zero or two leading zeros, in the bowl of spaghetti numbers to represent such primes. For example if 005 exists in the bowl then this is the valid (and only) answer for the prime number 5.
- when all ten lives are lost or the time has run out then the game is over -entering an incorrect answer means a life is lost.
- Primes are read from top left to bottom right (as mentioned in the about section). So for example this means if a prime number such as 199 appears only vertically, over three lines, then this is not a valid answer.
- at least one point is awarded for every two correct prime numbers entered

So when playing your first few games, for pratice, it may help to have a printed out list of the odd primes between 0 and 200 and in later games just use only your memory without looking at the printed list.

Link :

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Moving Beastball: Gladiator Edition (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) to 2024 List since the game is out now

JJ Games : "Hey everyone,

We've been a little quiet on the front because we were off running the annual Midwest Gaming Classic trade show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! As part of the show, we created three ULTRA limited game variants which were put on sale for the first time at the show itself! Now that the show is over, we have listed the remaining inventory EXCLUSIVELY on! :

Beastball: Gladiator Edition (Genesis, $60) - I'm super excited for this game! The game was originally released in 1993 as Brutal Sports Football for the Amiga, and was advertised to come out on the Genesis and Super Nintendo toward the end of that year under the name Beastball... but it never did. Instead, Spectrum Holobyte made the interesting choice to release the game for the Atari Jaguar and CD32, while the Genesis and SNES games never saw the light of day. The Jaguar version is one of my personal favorite games for that console, and I am happy to report the Genesis game plays similarly. If you get into it, I think it's a blast.

Even better, we worked with Steve "Tower" Henneberry of American Gladiators fame, and he is lending his official endorsement to the game! It's a perfect crossover, and we created a new backstory and were even able to make an awesome splash screen that will be exclusive to this version of the game. Limited to 200 copies, each one will be signed by Steve Henneberry and will an include an individually numbered collector coin!"

Link :!/Beastball-Gladiator-Edition-with-MGC-Exclusives-NEW-Sega-Genesis/p/648604606/category=148553001

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Moving Beastball: Gladiator Edition (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) to 2024 List since the game is out now

Link :!/Beastball-Gladiator-Edition-with-MGC-Exclusives-NEW-Sega-Genesis/p/648604606/category=148553001
So do we know if this is just a burn of the prototype rom floating around, or did they actually do any work on it?

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So do we know if this is just a burn of the prototype rom floating around, or did they actually do any work on it?

PIKO said they changed a bit but no explanation about it other than what's mentioned.
It could be just the title screen and a new backstory.
Here's other PIKO's official acquired IP licenses (some of them have been released though) :

Brutal Sports Footbal (Beastball)
Super Noah's Ark 3d
Dorke and Ymp
The Gadget Twins
Viking Child
The Humans
The Humans the Jurassic Levels
The Humas Evolution Lost in Time
The Humans Meet The Ancestors
Bubble+/Bubble Ghost
Alex's Magic Hammer
Head Over Heals
Mrbloppy saves the world
40 winks
Tyrannosaurus Tex
Radical Rex
Noah's Ark
Minskies Furballs
Squirrel King
Starshot Space Circus Fever
Video Kid
Blender Bros
Timet - The Flying Squirrel
Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston
Treasure Master
Brutal Sports: Wild Cup Soccer
Mad Professor Mariarti
Panda, Go!
African Adventures
African Adventures 2
Sonic Dragon
Mutant Penguins
Super Hutchback
Meat Puppet
Tough Guy
Soccer Kid
Risky Woods
Iron Commando
Legend (Reboot)
8 Eyes
Shadow Madness
Battle brave saga
Jim power
Alien Rampage
Switchblade II
Harlequin /PJ Gumball Hero
Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou
The Way of the Exploding Fist
Fire Team Rogue
Metal Masters
The Mutant Virus
Zero Tolerance
Power Piggs
Beyond Zero Tolerance
Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans
Metal Mech
Power Punch II
Cyber Rage
Kung Food
Dirty Larry Renegade Copn
O.D.T. Escape or Die Trying
First Samurai
Second Samurai
Street Racer
Dark Rift
Stone Protectors
Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon
Perfect Weapon
Mutant Rampage Bodyslam
Invasion from Beyond
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum
Target renegade
Renegade III
The Plague
Water Margin - The Tale of Clouds and Wind
Motor City Patrol
Fist II - The Legend Continues
Pyramids of Ra/Scarabeus
Generals of the Yang Family
Bad Street Brawler
Thunderbolt  II
Law of the West
Mountain Bike Rally
Top Racer SNES Collection
Speris Legacy
The Immortal
Moto X
Eliminator Boat Duel
Dragon Sword
Full Throttle - All American Racing
Little Lancelot
Final Orbit
World Trophy Soccer
"Shuihuzhuan: Liangshan Yingxiong
Heroes of the Marsh"
Xi You Ji/ Journey to the West
Crazy Bowling
Volleyball Hominid
Little Geniuses, Go!
Xiang Yu: The Overlord of Western Chu
Battle of the Red Cliffs
Mermaids of Atlantis: The Riddle of the Magic Bubble
Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan
Devilish Mahjong Tower
Taiwan Tycoon
World Pro Baseball
A Q Renkan Awa
Winter Challenge
Summer Challenge
Barkley Shut up and Jam
Barkley Shut up and Jam 2
Racing Fever
X-Bladez Inline Skating
Power Football
Motor Mash
Broken Circle
Sword of sodan
Canon - Legends of the New Gods
Ya-Se Chuan Shuo
Conquering the World III
Shui hu zhuan
Legend of Wukong
Beggar Prince
Super Bubble Pop
Zany Golf
Football Madness
Star X
Punch King
The Fidgetts
Radikal Bikers
Smashing Drive
Big Karnak
World Rally
Alligator Hunt
TH Strikes Back
Touch And Go
World Rally 2
Maniac Square (all versions)
Snowboard Championship
Bang! (AKA Gun Gabacho)
Galaxy Gunners
Fantasy Land
Mug Smashers
Diver Boy
Ping Pong Master 93
Steel Force
Mighty Warriors
Twin Brats
Dragon Master
Masters Fighter
Fancy World
Magic Purple
Burglar X
The Legend of Silkroad
Age of Heroes: Silkroad 2
Evolution Soccer
Rage of the Dragons
Hard Times
Power Balls
Lucky Boom
World Beach Volley
Cheese Chase
Ultimate Tennis
Stone Ball
Western Shooting
BioMechanical Toy

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Cyber Mission (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) Kickstarter - Updated cover and autographed lot.
27 days to go!

You asked, we heard!!!
Everyone who supports the game on Kickstarter will have a cover with the inscription Kickstarter Edition.
(Seriously, I never thought about how important this is for you, but as they say, we are still at the beginning, but we are learning quickly).
We also added a lot with an autograph from the team leader. Each person who supports the lot will receive a personally signed instruction manual for the game or a cover for the ...

Source :
Kickstarter Link :

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Added Barn 51 for SEGA Master System

Fed up of filing complaints from local ranchers whose cattle was abducted by aliens, the CIA launched project Barn 51. It consisted in a team of bionically enhanced farm animals specifically trained to hunt down aliens.
Take control of Combat Cow, Scuba Sheep, Hoverin Hog and Rocket Rooster in this fast paced Alex Kidd in Miracle World hack.

Download the Demo 3.5 patch here :