Author Topic: SEGA Dreamcast - Fighting Vipers 2 "BETA" PAL (AU).... is this Rare?  (Read 5285 times)

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Hi SEGA crew
As I'm cleaning out all my storage and selling off my gaming collections. I happen to find my copy of Fighting Vipers 2... but this copy is a "BETA" edition for the PAL SEGA Dreamcast.

Does anyone happen to have this in their collection? or is it apart of any ROM's out in the wild?? I assume this is rare but I'm not 100% sure.

any feedback on this would be great!

VF2beta by LeX >;-), on Flickr

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It seems fairly rare. The completed version of Fighting Vipers 2 was among the last releases during the time that Sega was discontinuing the Dreamcast. As such it was not released in North America, only in Japan and Europe. Seeing as this is apparently a Beta version, it would seem to be an even more rare version of a game that already had a limited release.