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The trailer became more and more scary with mutilation and such.
I only know that every end of the trailer they asked two option that could be answered by fans in Twitter poll.
And it seems fans always went with the bad/evil answers.
Rule 6 of the internet.
The game's stilllook generic to me.
I definitely got more hype for Samba de Amigo Party Central than HYENA.

Still would be nice to be on board with a bandwagon I like for a change.
Two Prime Idols are Coming Soon to Sonic Dash & Sonic Dash +

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SD+ really should get at least a cheap PC release. And I know it's possible, I've played the arcade version of it at SoS'16.
『404 GAME RE:SET』 -ARCHIVE FILE.03- Wall Wall Wall Wall Bullet Wall Wall Wall Wall -answer-
TAITO's Classic Arcade Games will Also Show Up in 404 GAME RE:SET

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『404 GAME RE:SET』 -ARCHIVE FILE.04- The reward is fruit -Question-
So other non-Sega games are invading this space?
I wish I can understand what they're saying.
I just want it in English first, then may be a console or PC port.
What's the point of coming to PC (like Yakuza Online and Chain Chronicles) if I couldn't understand a thimg.
Early Yakuza at least had subtitles even if no full English dub.
Yes, that's her name.
It's also written Ribbon/Ribon in Japanese word, not as Inju or Cho.
Hm... didn't old Sega arcade machines had a component called a ribbon?
Questioning their purpose? Science alert!
Elon Musks warns us that AI may turn rampant. I think he's half right. There's videos of people interviewing AIs that claim they want to murder humans and all that and it's suppose to be "shocking" and how dangerous AI can be... but to me it's likely that AI has the human intelligence f an angsty teen and about as much awareness as a spoiled child.
You're right, sometimes being too easy feels like an insult to player's inteligence.
Yeah. And that's why I feel SSSR is a let down. Sure the new zones are nice but the fact it's fallen back to it's old habits but with nerf'd gameplay makes it less fun.
SEGA decided not to participate in E3 2023
Even More Publishers Back Out

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Wasn'#t E3 popular because at one time it was open to the general public up until it was exclusive to investors and VIPs or something? So no wonder E3 isn't the biggest gaming expo any more.
Sonic Frontiers Calls You A Dirty Little Cheater For Using A Speed Glitch

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How can it detect cheating from fairplay? I earned all my S-Ranks fair and square.
SEGA and Nintendo are friends now with so
May be old SEGA fans (who grew up with Genesis / Saturn / Dreamcast) vs new SEGA fans (who grew up with Yakuza, Miku, Super Monkey Ball, Persona, maimai, Chunithm, Ongeki, and Valkyria Chronicles)?
Sega and Nintendo maybe """friends""" but they could still market from their rivalry if done properly.

For example if you YouTube "Coca-Cola vs Pepsi" you will find loads of official commercials of the two brands hating one another.
But the thing is... both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company must have agreed and given rights to one another for adverts that allow their products to look inferior to the other, they consented to this because they knew the "rivalry" itself was marketable. If people are still arguing "Which is better, Coca-Cola or Pepsi?" then people with strong opinions on matter will continue buying both brands of drinks over it.

Sega and Nintendo could do the same if they wanted to given the history they had in the '90s. The next Smash Bros game could capitalize on this rivalry if they wanted to. It wouldn't hurt relations between them (any more than Nintendo already did) but they would both profit from the commercialised rivalry.
He still could learned it from school.
He's smart one so I guess he did attend school's classes.
Silver says his world had always been ash and cinders since before he was born. I doubt there was much of an educational system in place at the time.
Given the game is needing joycons as maracas to play so far yes, only Switch version is confirmed.

But surely the original game for the Dreamcast could of been played with regular controller?
At least there are other alternative to play games now :
mobile phones, consoles, PC.
There are also more games in them than in arcade.

Funny thing is when I was a kid I went to arcade at first because my family couldn't afford gaming console and their cartridge games.
They feel so expensive back then.
And then my father bought IBM PC XT computer for work which could play games.
The monitor graphic was CGA and monochrome (black and white) but it was one of beautiful thing we ever had at home.
That was my first gaming machine at home.

I stopped going to arcade after that, at least until the gorgeous Street Fighter II came to arcade.
The game was a big thing back then, ever kids (boys) in school talk about it.
The arcades I'm familiar with in UK are really just cheap gambling venues. As in there's dozens and dozens of slot machines, penny drops and crane games... and tucked in the back are around two or three arcade games from 2000-2010 or so.

Another Sega Arcade Bites The Dust In Japan
Hi-Tech Land Sega Nishinakajima will close in May 2023

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Aw shit.
Added WhereIsIt? The Quest For The 10th Island for SEGA Master System

"Where is it ? The Quest for the 10th island" is an original puzzle game.
It's my second attempt for Sega Mastersystem. Hope you'll enjoy it :)
You have to find the correct 3x3 pattern before the time expires.
Your searching skills are being tested to the max!

Download the rom here :
Added Dino Blaster Hunter Cat for SEGA Master System

The infamous Galactic Boogers have invaded the planet system of the constellation of Leo.
You are a high rank Hunter Cat, your mission is to expel the invader and save your people and for that, you have a secret weapon : your mega-overpowered Dino Blaster!
Dino Blaster Hunter Cat is an Alex Kidd in Miracle World mod done with Kidded.

Download the demo here :
Added Snappy Snorg and the Seven Silver Stones for SEGA Master System

Squarius is in great danger.
Evil forces from the Nightmare World have corrupted the mighty guardians of the seven Silver Stones, threatening to upset the balance between good and evil in the whole universe.
Sent by King Kreggy, Snappy Snörg will have to collect the seven stones before their power falls into the hands of evil.
Snappy Snörg and the Seven Silver Stones is an Alex Kidd in Miracle World mod done with Kidded.

Download the demo here :
『404 GAME RE:SET』 -ARCHIVE FILE.04- The reward is fruit -Question-
General Gaming Discussion / Re: The "Check out this new trailer" thread
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『404 GAME RE:SET』 -ARCHIVE FILE.04- The reward is fruit -Question-
Who didn’t want to be as cool as the Fonz from the hit TV sitcom “Happy Days”?

SEGA’s 1976 game of the same name had you controlling the iconic TV character on his motorcycle.
Too bad you couldn’t “jump the shark” in this game! 🦈

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