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Best Sega History Feature?
« on: November 17, 2010, 04:03:34 pm »
I have wanted to reread Sega's history for almost 6 months now but have been procrastination it, because it contains 60 years of history.
Hopefully i'll get around to it sooner than later.

I've obviously read several retrospectives and compared to Sam Pettus AKA the scribe's retrospective all of them are quite frankly shit. Whether it is from professional journalist's such as IGN and GameSpot or fans and there blogs. Nothing comes close to SegaBase's scope or accuracy.

The problem with SegaBase, however is that it ends almost immediately after the last Dreamcast unit's are sold at Christmas 2001 (with comments from Cofounder David Rosen, but it has almost been a decade now and I am certain the Scribe won't be continuing with the retrospectives.

Also you'll be hard pressed to find a site uglier than Eidolon's Inn (the hosts of SegaBase) ... ga+CD&bl=y

I can read his 4th Generation retrospective at Sega-16 which is a lot easier on my eyes. ... _in=author

But I also want to read beyond the Dreamcast.

I will most likely start reading around new year.

P.S. Those who haven't read the retrospective at SegaBase, don't suggest me anything, at least until skimming through SegaBase so you have an idea as to how detailed it is in scope, as I am looking for something even lengthier and accurate then what he has compiled.
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