Author Topic: Marvel settles case with Jack Kirby heirs...  (Read 1899 times)

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Marvel settles case with Jack Kirby heirs...
« on: September 26, 2014, 01:31:14 pm »
In what could have been a landmark case the heirs of Jack Kirby sued Marvel over the rights and other elements of many of the characters that their father had created for Marvel comics...which have gone on to make billions of dollars in various movies based onthose characters.

The issue was to go ahead to the supreme court where the issue of copyright and who has ownership could have been changed if the Kirbys had won their case.

But marvel has reached a settlement with the heirs.

Now my question is this..did the kirbys sell out? Because they obviously had a case, a much stronger case if Marvel decided to settle...and this thing has been going on for decades. I have heard accusations that the kids were just in it for the money and trying to get what their dad deserved as he was historically screwed over by Marvel in a bad way.   But now that they have accepted the settlement it kinda makes me disapointed that they did accept it and makes me wonder if they were just in it for the money and not righting a wrong that they might have won.

At least Marvel keeps Guardians of the galaxy and Iron Man now...