Author Topic: What if: Alex Kidd had a remake?  (Read 1679 times)

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What if: Alex Kidd had a remake?
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:27:54 am »
OK so Alex Kidd was made to compete with Super Mario series at the time (I have a feeling that originally Miracle World was going to be a DragonBall game, but just a hunch feeling) . But by the time Super Mario World came around Sega knew they had to up their game and thus the blue blur overtook Alex Kidd in the lead of Sega's mascot while Alex dwindled to the Master System, with only one game for the Mega Drive.

But one thing I often think about Alex Kidd is that... what if Sega decided to have the Alex Kidd franchise compete with the Zelda franchise instead? While Sonic covers the mascot front and keep Mario on his heels, a character like Alex could of given a certain hylian a run for his rupees.

But other than what they could of been, I often wonder what it be like if Sega rebooted Alex Kidd to be something like modern Zelda games or other platform action-adventure games with a large world to explore. Imagine a world as wide as Breath of the Wild but still reliant on platforming like Super Mario Odyssea, blending two core concepts together to make something somewhat new and innovative to explore while rebooting a franchise that would have a world that best represents it.

At least, thats how I would imagine a "Miracle World" reboot.