Author Topic: Interview Kieran Brigden Shogun 2 Total war  (Read 3844 times)

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Interview Kieran Brigden Shogun 2 Total war
« on: October 07, 2010, 11:21:56 am »
On dutch television we have a show called Gamekings which is like the biggest show in the country. They had a big event called "First Look" last weekend where they managed to invite Kieran Brigden for an interview. ... total-war/



So the questions are written in dutch and I decided to translate them for those who would like to know what he's answering to.

* "Why did you go back to the Shogun series?"

* "How does the Rpg element work in the game?"

* "Navy and landbattles?"

* "Dillema's"(obvious)

* "How many factions are there in total?"

* "Any special factions in the limited edition?"

* "How has the map changed graphically?"

* "Which change are you the most happy with?"

* "When is Shogun 2 coming out?"
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