Author Topic: Shop selling US products opens in Oporto - Official Topic of recommending stuff  (Read 1901 times)

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You see, there was a store in the Base das Lajes that operated in the Azores for quite some time and now they are expanding into the mainland.
A new store opened up in Oporto.

And you guys can check the website here:

Now, I want to ask the our special US SEGAbits, to take a gander at all those products and givin' us uneducated folks what you guys recommend.
I stopped by that store a while ago, it's pretty small, but it's got a lot of stuff.

I stopped by there this afternoon and I got myself:
-Butterscotch candy;
-Hot Sauce (you yanks make the best chilli sauce ever);
-Kool-Aid (I finally got my taste);

I plan on making more regular trips there and ever so often, I want to get more stuff and I'd like to hear your feedback on this.

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These things are pretty god-like:

Also, peanut butter M&Ms.

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I honestly haven't seen half the brands they're selling, but Frank's Red Hot is fantastic.  As is Tobasco. I'm not into peanut butter but everyone I know has a hard-on for Reese's cups.