1up: Sonic games? Best post whiny video

Oh lawl, I get it. It’s a Sonic game, we best make a “funny video” slowly making fun of the quality in Sonic games. Yes, I know most of us aren’t into Mario & Sonic games, but are they the worst thing to happen to Sonic or even Mario? No.

Funny how this makes a site like 1up depressed, didn’t even seem like the person in the video even played the game before citing it as crap. Journalism. Didn’t they also announce like 3 Mario solo games at E3? No Mario video? Just Sonic?

Yeah, 1up isn’t going to be missed now that they got bought out by IGN.

1up does a brilliant Yu Suzuki interview

Wow, 1up is really pulling big punches when it comes to their Shenmue coverage, they even have their old editor-in-chief James Mielke doing the interview. James Mielke is now working at Q Entertainment.

Here is what you can expect to read from Yu Suzuki:

“It cost $2 million dollars to use the chip. It was part of flight-simulation equipment that cost $32 million. I asked how much it would cost to buy just the chip and they came back with $2 million. And I had to take that chip and convert it for video game use, and make the technology available for the consumer at 5,000 yen ($50) per console or else nobody would buy the hardware. But I did it. And because I was able to do that we were able to put textures on the Virtua Fighter 2 characters.”

Now that is some god damn dedication. This is what made SEGA, SEGA and why I love them. Then again, this is probably why they where in debt all the time…

Read the 1up interview here…

1up talks to Mike Hayes about recent changes

SEGA has been restructuring its Western branch, adding more emphsis on digital content and letting go of workers. 1up now sat down with Mike Hayes to ask him some questions.

Hayes has confirmed that digital content will not slow down disc based releases, disc based releases are doing well and that firings will not effect release times for games.

Read the full interview here, now pray that we get some awesome arcade games ported over to XBLA/PSN like After Burner Climax!