New SEGA arcade center opens in Ikebukuro, replacing closed GiGO arcade

Back on September 20th, the SEGA Ikebukuro GiGO arcade closed after 28 years of operations. Fans were emotional, and rightly so, and many pointed to this as a sign of SEGA’s arcade footprint diminishing. However, on October 22nd a new arcade center opened in Ikebukuro which was noted as being “Volume 1” of a larger project by Genda Sega Entertainment president Nao Kataoka. Volumes 2 and 3 would soon follow.

The new center has five floors and features a variety of SEGA arcade machines. Where is it located? Right across the street from the old location! The reason the original location sold was not because SEGA was leaving the arcade business in the area, but because of an expiring lease and a need for remodeling to the old building. Maybe SEGAbits will visit the arcade in 2022? 👀

[Photo Credit: @TicTaek, Source: Anime News Network]

Classic Sonic content added to Sonic Racing for Apple Arcade

Just a few days ago, we mused on Twitter about how the promised Classic Sonic content announced back in June for Sonic Racing, the Apple Arcade version of Team Sonic Racing, was nowhere to be seen. Either a SEGA HARDlight staffer saw our tweet and realized they needed to get to work OR (more likely) it just so happened to be that today was the day they planned to debut the new content. Included in the new content is Sonic in his Sonic Drift car, the Cyclone, as well as new Green Hill tracks and new music!

You can check out the content now on Apple Arcade, but no word on any new content for Team Sonic Racing for consoles.

SEGA Talk #81: Dynamite Düx & Bean the Dynamite Retrospective

SEGA Talk’s quack attack is back, Jack! This time we’re talking about Dynamite Düx! We’ll talk about the small team behind this cute beat ’em up (“sweet ’em up”?), how it ties to Sonic Universe, including tie-ins to Bean the Dynamite, and even have a gander at a naughty hidden NSFW ending! Oh my! All this and more, on this episode of SEGA TALK!

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SEGA News Bits LIVE: Shenmue the Animation Update

New information about Shenmue the Animation has dropped via an online panel, and on this SEGA News Bits we take a look at what was revealed. Also, two SEGA legends are departing the company. Who are they and where are they going? Click play and let’s find out!

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Sakura Wars characters to appear in Super Robot Wars 30 as part of the first DLC pack

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released a new trailer for Super Robot Wars 30, a popular tactical RPG series that brings characters and robots from a variety of mecha anime together to battle their mutual foes, with mainline Sakura Wars key characters (Ichiro Ogami, Sakura Shinguji, Erica Fontaine, Shinjiro Taiga and Gemini Sunrise) will appear as part of the first DLC pack under the Deluxe Edition. What a way to continue to support Sakura Wars series beyond its 25th anniversary!

Super Robot Wars 30 will be available for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on October 27th.



Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute on Nintendo Switch features fully working SEGA Saturn emulator

City Connection just recently released Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute that compiled Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang and Guardian Force on a single cartridge. The game was, well, not well received due to the emulation being used having input lag, making the games hard to play.

The story would have ended there but, GBATemp user Iisreal2301 figured out a way to load his own SEGA Saturn images onto the game file, basically allowing you to boot up any SEGA Saturn game by tricking the system into thinking its loading a Cotton game!

Sadly the emulation is far from perfect, but it seems to be a working project by users from GBATemp. I guarantee you that Nintendo will crack down on this game’s fun, but for now here is a list of games tested by GBATemp user Levine 19:

Adult Swim releases Shenmue the Animation First Look Trailer

Shenmue the Animation has finally gotten a first look trailer by Adult Swim, the anime is set to adapt the events of the first game and most of the second. The First Look Trailer posted above starts off with the iconic Shenmue game opening speech by Shenhua but has some different scenes within like Ryo fighting in a Karate tournament which fans are speculating is where Ryo received his iconic bandaged cut on his face.

According to some interviews, Shenmue the Animation will also use unused script ideas Yu Suzuki had that never made it into the Dreamcast originals. This will give older fans a reason to tune into the show when it finally airs sometime in 2022. Stay tune for more info.

Castlevania Chronicles gets fan made port demo for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

Back in the day, The Sharp X68000, a home gaming computer released in Japan, got its own exclusive Castlevania game titled ‘Akumajō Dracula‘ which would later be ported to PlayStation under the name ‘Castlevania Chronicles’.

Now thanks to Master Linkuei, you can now try Castlevania Chronicles on your very own SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis! He has released a demo of his porting project to put more Castlevania on your SEGA consoles. This is being inspired by user Pigsy who is trying to port over Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis.

What do you guys think of all these new fan ports happening on SEGA Retro consoles? What’s your favorite current project?

Yakuza: Black Panther 2 fan translation coming January 7th, 2022

Back during the height of the Sony PSP, SEGA released two spin-off Yakuza titles starring a totally new and younger protagainst named Tatsuya Ukyo. SEGA called the series “Yakuza: Black Panther” (Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō). Of course the games never came out in English and have been exclusive to Japan.

The first PSP game has already been translated into English,  but now thanks to a fan translation group known as TeamK4L, we will be getting the sequel, fully translated on January 7th, 2022. So keep those PSP emulators on standby or keep your PSP’s battery charged till next year!



Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 Trailer, List of Entries and Streaming Schedule Revealed

Another Sonic Hacking Contest is upon us, and to celebrate we have a trailer and a list of entries, as well as streaming schedules! Check out the trailer above, and click on over to the latest newsletter post on the official site showcasing the entries as well as all the streaming details.

All streams will be available to watch through the website at entries can be downloaded and played from Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October. We can’t wait to see what fans have created!

Numskull Sonic the Hedgehog Advent calendar revealed – build your own statue!

Via Treasure Hunting Sonic comes news that a new Sonic product from Numskull is on the way just in time for Christmas: a Sonic the Hedgehog Advent calendar! Each day in December, leading up to Christmas, fans will open doors to reveal pieces of a buildable statue featuring classic Sonic riding a snowboard straight out of Sonic the Hedgehog 3‘s Ice Cap Zone. The product is currently up for pre-order on GameStop for $49.99. Will you be building a Sonic this holiday season?

SEGA Mega Drive Shoot ’em up Gleylancer coming to all current consoles on October 15

The classic shoot ’em up for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, Gleylancer (I swear it was Gley Lancer?) is coming to all modern consoles on October 15, 2021. This includes PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Sadly looks like PC gamers have been left out.

Originally the game was a Japanese exclusive but got a world wide release for the first time in 2008 via Wii’s Virtual Console. This version of the game will have even more improvements, according to the company it will feature:

  • Improved modes available with accessibility features and modern controls.
  • Classic and deep space shoot ’em up gameplay.
  • Epic space opera with anime cutscenes.
  • Option to customize the ship’s attacking power.
  • Iconic retro console graphics and sound.
  • Legacy 16-bit title from the 1990s!

Unboxing: Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Press Kit

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania releases THIS WEEK and we received press kits for the game! You may be asking “What’s in the box?!”, well it’s not MeeMee’s head, it’s… well watch and find out! Thank you to SEGA for the token of appreciation and make sure to check out the new game.

SEGA News Bits LIVE: Sonic & SEGA Q&A

SEGA News Bits is back with YOUR questions answered. Well, maybe not your specific questions unless you were one of the ten or so people who replied to our call for questions on Twitter. Will there be a Phantasy Star V? Will SEGA drop Sonic as their mascot? What should the next SEGA mini console be? Watch on the hear our answers!

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After 20 years, the manga version of “Skies of Arcadia” will be published electronically in 2022 only in Japan

Today, October 5th 2021, marks the 21st anniversary of Skies of Arcadia (aka Eternal Arcadia) in Japan and former Map Designer of the game, Kenji Hiruta, made an announcement that the Skies of Arcadia manga will be published electronically in 2022 only in Japan.

The short-lived serialization was a tie-in to the video game of the same name released in 2000. Illustrated by the game’s concept artist, HOSHI Itsuki, and written by the game’s official story consultant, FUJIMOTO Junya, it was briefly published in Gekkan Magazine Z, and was never collected in tankoubon format.

With the support from fans and Kenji Hiruta long journey in negotiating with SEGA and the publisher along with finding the mysterious person who was involved with the serialization, a tremendous miracle was achieved.

You can read his entire blog post on the process on how Kenji Hiruta was able to get the manga version of Skies of Arcadia published here. Fingers crossed if he can get the English version published for the western audience.