SEGA silly Japanese ad for Yakuza 1&2 HD on Wii U

Seems that SEGA is making their ads more comedy focused when they are advertising their game on the Wii U, which I think I like. This ad really made me laugh and honestly, Yakuza games aren’t all serious business.

Just remember, don’t tell the hostess in the game how much you love them when your wife is standing right behind you.

Sonic Colours TV Spot

Check out the Sonic Colours TV spot!

I like it, it’s got gameplay, a review score flashes up (Even if it is just Nintendo Power…) and some of that good old fashioned humour which 90’s era Sega commercials were known for.

Take note of the book Sonic is holding near the end of the commercial. The cover says,
“Cracked, the biography of Dr. Eggman.”
Great touch!