SEGA posts ten hours of their APM D-1 FIGHTING FESTIVAL Competition

Before the year closed SEGA teamed up with Arc System Works and Koei Tecmo to host APM D-1 FIGHTING FESTIVAL over in Japan. It was a massive tournament mean’t to highlight their various properties and support the community of players.

You can see the full ten hour tournament video or you can see time stamps below:

SEGA’s Japanese tournament was rather more intense than traditional tournaments. Once you lost, you were eliminated, there was no loser brackets here. SEGA posted a results page for the tournament here. Jawa Curry Akira (who obviously played Akira) won the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate can be seen crying after his victory here. Chin up man, we too are hoping for a Virtua Fighter 6!

[Via Shoryuken]

Virtua Fighter’s Jacky Bryant added to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s roster


Seems that Jacky Bryant will join his co-stars Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant Akira Yuki as a playable character in Dead or Alive 5. Only that Jacky Bryant is exclusive to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Famitsu announced today. Seems that SEGA and Team Ninja have warmed up to the cross over, at this point they might as well create a Dead or Alive vs Virtua Fighter title. Or is that too long of a name?

Other chracters revealed for the Ultimate edition of the game includes Momoji (Ninja Gaiden series) and Ein. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate comes out September 5th in Japan.