Bad Shining Hearts review leaked, producer goes on the defense

Shining Hearts is coming out this month in Japan on the PSP and the first review has already been leaked online fromDengeki PlayStation and it wasn’t very positive, highlighting that it had bad load times. What is a producer like Tsuyoshi Sawada to do? Sit in silence with his game gets trashed?

You don’t know Sawada.  He updated his twitter saying that the reason for the load times was the memory stick the reviewer was using was faulty. How did he know this? Does SEGA Japan send reviewers memory sticks? Faulty sticks at that?

Makes you wonder, I guess we will find out when user reviews and Famitsu reviews pop online. If you are wondering the score they gave the game, it was 75, 70, 80 and 60.

[Source: AndriaSang]