SEGA’s Fish Life Preserved at Musée Bolo in Switzerland, Publically Released

The Dreamcast based virtual aquarium, Fish Life, has been given new life thanks to Musée Bolo, the Switzerland based video game museum. Thanks to approval from SEGA of Europe, they have also allowed for the release of the disc images that would run on on the specialized hardware. To help show off the hardware in a broader sense, the museum has also crafted a webpage full of valuable resources that cover this uncommon part of SEGA’s Amusement history.

‘Swabby’ a new homebrew SEGA Game Gear game out now

Do you still have your SEGA Game Gear and looking for a new Shoot’em up game to keep you busy? Look no further than the just released Swabby, a new homebrew game from the developer of Hang-On is now available for you to download via SMS Power. That means that the SEGA Game Gear lives!

The character Swabby actually has quite the history with the SEGA Master System since the snail creature starred in the hidden Snail Maze game. The game takes assets from classic SEGA games like Altered Beast, Shinobi and even Sonic the Hedgehog. So have plenty of extra batteries, turn on your SEGA Game Gear and start the nostalgia.

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Ecco the Dolphin fan soundtrack up for download

ECCOS was shown last year,  creator Andrew Norman Wilson took gameplay footage of the SEGA Genesis game and modified the music in Final Cut Pro. He changed the speed and added echo effects, making it a very different beast from the original soundtrack. Andrew calls it “Furniture music”, not mean’t to be on its own but serve as background noise.

Now Andrew has released the ECCOS soundtrack, you can download seven-tracks, 48-minutes of furniture music. If you are interested in seeing his art project, called ‘Center for Wave Change’, check it out here.

SoundCloud | MediaFire

Fan game: Sonic 2 HD gets alpha demo released

Sonic 2 HD fan project has now released an alpha version of their demo. Sonic 2 HD has been in the works for 3 and a half years. Since this is an alpha demo, you will be limited in what stages you can play. Right now only Emerald Hill Zone. Also since its alpha, it’s not expected to be perfect. I have to say, it’s impressive work being done by the team.

So you are asking where you can download it? Right here. The demo only supports Windows XP – Windows 7. Sorry Mac and Linux fans. The demo clocks in at 85.36 MB.

Reminder – Guardian Heroes is up on XBLA Today!

One of the best side scrolling games of all time has finally landed on XBLA, Guardian Heroes is a side scrolling beat’em’up with RPG elements made by the sprite masters of the 90’s, Treasure!

Guardian Heroes on XBLA has been given a HD makeover with new magic effects and online multiplayer. Best of all it will only cost you 800 Microsoft points whilst a mint condition copy of the game for Sega Saturn could set you back over $100 dollars!

It’s a freaking steal and having had it since I woke up this morning I can safely say it’s well worth the price of admission! So go on, treat yourself to a great game. Not to mention if enough interest is shown in the game Sega/Treasure has said they would like to make a sequel! DO IT!

Guardian Heroes – Japanese Trailer

Check this out, Sega Japan has released a new trailer for Guardian Heroes and it’s looking bloody good! If this doesn’t fill you with warm bubbly nostalgia I don’t know what will. From the cheesy music to the bright, bold graphics this reminds me of a better, simpler time for gaming.

Guardian Heroes will be released on October 12th exclusively for XBLA and will cost you $10.

Renegade Ops – Gameplay trailer!

Anyone else getting serious flashbacks to the mid 90’s whilst watching this? The gameplay in Sega & Avalanche Studios’ new digital download game Renegade Ops takes me right back to games like ‘Jackle’ for the NES or ‘Desert Strike’ for the Genesis in everything but the absolutely beautiful graphics!

I think this is one of the best-looking downloadable titles I’ve seen in a while! I really like the way the Jeep appears to handle, it reminds me of the Halo Warthog, awesome!

Alpha Protocol to sneak into Playstation Home

Alpha Protocol is set to make its Playstation Home appearance soon, as soon as this Thursday. You will be able to look like the smug face Michael Thornton while you sexually harass female avatars and secretly hope they are really women.

After that you can stick to the main plaza and dance around like a fool. Isn’t that what Home is all about?

[Source: Playstation Blog]