Who is your favorite SEGA Dad?

Father’s day usually has me picturing Football and beer, but today we will talk about SEGA dads, which is your favorite? My vote goes to Iwao Hazuki. First of all he was voiced in Japan by Hiroshi Fujioka, the man that played Segata Sanshiro. Already awesome.

In the game Shenmue, there is also flash backs to Ryo and his dad as kids, like where he convinces him to eat carrots, even though he dislikes them. If you know kids, you know you have to be pretty good to convince them do what they don’t want to. Especially me, I was a fucking brat.

Not to mention he gave the location of the Dragon Mirror to Lan Di so he wouldn’t hurt his son. Even though we know its very important object, so much so that he would fight and risk his own life to protect it.

Who is your favorite SEGA dad?