Video of Dreamcast Emulator running on PS3

We wrote an article about this before, saying that the emulator has been ported to the PS3. Now we have a video and the results aren’t that impressive. Sure, it has just been ported, but it doesn’t seem like something everyone should rush out and buy at this moment. This is only with a couple of weeks of work. Should be impressive as time goes on.

PSgroove is the device used to jailbreak the Playstation 3, only issue is that Sony has caught on, so if you update to the newest firmware (Right now 3.50) you most likely won’t be able to use the device, at least not till there is a work around. This means giving up access to PSN.

[Source: PSgroove]

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PS3: It only does Dreamcast games

If you haven’t been in the loop, the Playstation 3 got jail broken with a USB device. After it was jail broken strange new articles started popping up. One said that jailbroken PS3’s could play PS2 games.

If that wasn’t great, a couple of guys have decided to port NullDC (Dreamcast emulator) to the Playstation 3. Apparently they got the bios running. No YouTube video or pictures have been posted, that is why its a rumor.  Sadly the emulator does not play sound yet. To check out the code, hit the source site.

[Source: Logic Sunrise]