OXM reveals how Sonic Team picked levels for Sonic Generation

The latest issue of OXM has a ton of new Sonic Generations information, for those of you who are interested in the upcoming Sonic game. There’s even an interview with Takashi Iizuka, where he is asked how they picked levels for the game.

“We took a democratic approach. We only get to celebrate Sonic’s 20th birthday once, so we wanted to make sure everyone got a say. What we did was poll every Sega worker – including those in Europe and America – and asked them to nominate their favourite Sonic levels of all time. Then we did some research with the core fanbase and we were able to draw up a shortlist from there.” – Takashi Iizuka

Ah, but there is more information for those who want it. Hit the jump to see all the new information including what the storyline in the upcoming game will be.