Platinum Games & SEGA negotiating future titles

We have always known that SEGA and Platinum Games deal would come to an end after Vanquish. Seems that the developer knows they now have the ability to strike a better deal with SEGA and they are negotiating.

“For the future of our partnership, of course, it’s not something that we alone can decide. Sega has its stance, and we have ours, but if Sega asks us to make something we might take the offer.”

Joystiq has said that Platinum Games wants to ‘create their own ip’, but I think they read the quote wrong.

“So as a studio we would like to do both [new IP and sequels], but the whole point of Platinum Games is to create our own IP, that’s what we do.”

I think what Inaba mean’t is that Platinum Games makes their own new IPs, as in their ideas, not SEGA’s and they will continue to do so. Doesn’t sound like he talks about ownership of the IPs. We already know since TGS that SEGA has more plans with Platinum Games and that Platinum Games is working on a massive online title.

Future looks bright and I can’t want to see what Platinum Games comes up with next.

[Source: Develop]

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