Goozex adds SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD trading

Anyone here can tell you that I love Goozex. It basically lets you trade in games you never play, for points that you use on Goozex to get other games. So you never really trade a game for a game. It has a 100% guarantee and no one rips you on shipping (like ebay).

“Since we launched our site in 2006, a frequently asked question has been about adding classic game system titles to our service. We’re happy to say that we are going to meet that demand. Our focus has been to become the best in online game trading and adding retro titles to our service helps maintain that vision. Like many of our members, we’re excited about trading classic games from the titles that started it all!” –Jonathan Dugan, COO and co-founder of Goozex

The site already had SEGA Dreamcast trading, so adding SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD is makes me very happy. All we need is SEGA Saturn. Since its my post, I can put a referral link to sign up.