First things first, if you want to access the SEGAbits admin writing panel, bookmark the following link:

Tags and Categories

TAGS – in SEGAbits can be whatever your posting about. Lets say we are posting about Sonic Unleashed. The tags will look like : Sonic Unleashed, Wii, 360, PS3, PS2, trailer (if its a trailer).  The most important tags are titles for games, like Sonic Unleashed.

Categories – This stuff is pretty easy, just the type of article. 99% of articles posted are news articles, we also have original content and featured (this will make the post appear in the featured dock on top of the page. More on this later.  Check all that apply.

Images (important for newbies)

The width for SEGAbits is about 600 pixels width, give or take a few pixels, so every image you upload will have 4 sizes. thumbnail (150×150), Medium (300 width), Large (600 width) and fullsize (whatever the original image is. Not, images will not be blown up, so if your image you upload is lower than 600 pixels in width, it won’t blow it up for you.

IMPORTANT: When you first sign up, all images are links to attached files. I hate this. So right when you upload an image remember to click on the button (highlighted in the picture) “File URL” and not “POST URL” .

How to use the featured bar

The feature bar is actually quite easy to use. We will give you the first steps here. First of all you need to make a image you want to use, the size we use for our feature bar is 205×90. After you have that…

Go to your where you are writing the post go to custom fields (highlighted in the above image) and click on the drop down menu to select “featured_pic”, then on the right side (the image says post image URL there) you post the image URL of the featured picture you want. Make sure you also have ‘Featured’ in the category or it won’t show up. Please upload all featured pictures to the SEGAbits servers.

This will get the featured bar to work on the front page, good job! To get the image to show up on the SEGAbits forum’s featured bar, you have to be an admin. If you are not, PM an admin and we will get this to work. If you are a new admin, log into the “Admin Control Panel” (link at the bottom of the forums page).

After you are in, you will find a page like the one pictured above, with a ton of ‘Run Now’ buttons. Don’t click on them, only the one that says “Purge Cache”, click Run now and it should have your featured image showing up.

How to get this blue bar!

If you wondered how we get that blue box around the text, its easy. When you are posting, there will be a drop box called Paragraph (pictured above) and when you drop it down you will have heading choices, they are numbered. Choose Heading 4.

This will make the text look something like this, but when you preview it or publish the article, it will look like its suppose to. Rules you should know, it auto centers the text, you can’t make the font smaller and it takes up a whole line. So its only mean’t to be a divider/header in articles.

So far, this is all the information I’m asked about. If you have anymore questions PM me (George) or another admin. KTHX.