SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show: Episode #2

Alright, so we did promise to make the show a weekly thing, the only problem is that recording the past 2 weeks lead to nothing; mostly because of my awesomely lame internet company.

This week I sat down with Aki-at and SEGA Uranus to discuss some SEGA news and Shenmue. I understand that my volume sounds low, we are sorry about that. Seems to do it to the person that records, we promise to fix this issue next week.

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Community Review: Bayonetta

This is one of our first ‘community reviews’, basically someone from our community does a review for a SEGA game. This time it was long time member (well, as long as we have been around) SEGA Uranus. He was also on this weeks podcast, which should be up later tonight.

Hit the jump to read SEGA Uranus’ Bayonetta review…

Sega Rally car in real life!

A member of the AtariAge forum has ‘pimped his ride’ turning his plain white Toyota Celica into a replica of the Sega Rally Celica ST205 GT-Four.

“Every time you drive a car in a video game, you want it just a little. Age, make, model, condition — when you’re spanking something across a digital landscape, none of these things matter. And if you owned an ST205-chassis Celica and happened to be a game freak, you’d probably think about doing something like this.”

Make sure to check out more info and pictures of the car HERE!