15 minutes of Castle of Illusion gameplay

Game Informer have gotten their hands on a review copy of the upcoming Castle of Illusion remake and were allowed to put up a video of them playing through the first world. Along with the gameplay we also got some new details including that we can expect the game in early September and that the voice of Sully from the Uncharted series, Richard McGonagle is narrating the game. Sadly this video doesn’t feature the redone soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope.


9 responses to “15 minutes of Castle of Illusion gameplay

  1. Kevin-N says:

    Looks great, i buy it from day 1. The only sad part is no disc version.

  2. Ivan says:

    Not sure if I like this 3d models and perspective, even in a 2d platformer. I found Ducktales artstyle more interesting.

  3. whelps says:

    absolutly amazing

  4. betablocker says:

    It is looking good. SSA is shuttering with a bang. They should all find decent jobs cause of this game.

    That said, not really a Mickey fan so I am skipping this. I did play the Mickey & Donald Duck game on my MD back in the day. If they remake/reimagine that I might check it out.

  5. betablocker says:

    Just for comparison I went and checked out DuckTales and in my opinion it looks really shallow compared to Castle of Illusion.

    Castle of Illusion seems like a retail game, where as Duck Tales seem like a game worth a dollar from the app store. It looked like they were using 2D sprites on 3D background. Which gave the whole game a disjointed feel. Duck Tales looks like a game for Saturn/PSone/N64 at best.

  6. adam says:

    Between this, Hatsune Miku and constant Sonic iterations, it is really hard to be a Sega fanboy these days.

    • While I’m not a fan of Miku, the series isn’t awful. I like the old school SEGA bits of fan service they throw into the games, such as the very cool Power Drift stage.

      As for Sonic Lost World and Castle of Illusion… I gotta say a big “what the f***?” to that. It’s hard to be a SEGA fan when two potentially awesome games are on the horizon? If Lost World and Castle of Illusion are reasons not to be a fan then best to turn in your membership card now.

    • Kevin-N says:

      You are right, i don’t get this ? Why are some people do not like Mickey or Sonic ? It’s Always shooters these days. A want more games like this again !

  7. Centrale says:

    At first, I was quite skeptical of this remake… then I was pleasantly surprised, but still not that interested. Now I think I’d like to pick this up.

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