SEGA unleashes trailer for Blade Arcus from Shining 2.0

Never heard of Blade Arcus from Shining? Its a Shining series spin-off that takes characters from Shining Hearts and Shining Blade and pits them against each other in a 2D fighting game, with a look that is very comparable to Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. The game hit Japanese arcades on November 11th of last year and is now setting up for an updated release being called ‘2.0’. The update is set to hit game centers early this summer.

Version 2.0 will have the following additions:

Four new playable Shining Hearts  characters

New game systems

  • Rejection card
  • Reversal strike

Its also set to feature new stages, motion frame adjustments for all characters and other system improvements. The game has only been officially released in Japanese arcades, no plans are set for a console release at this time. What do you guys think of this spin-off? Would you guys give it a go if it was released in the West?

[Via: Gemastu]