SEGA Networks to launch game-focused crowdfunding service that could use SEGA IPs

SEGA Network a mobile gaming offshoot of SEGA and Japanese Television network Fuji TV have invested in Tokyo-based start up Goopa with an undisclosed amount of money. Goopa is known for crowdfunding independent anime and independent musical acts. This new investment will launch later this month and focus on crowd sourcing indie games, this new service will be called ‘Crowdrive‘.

According to the CEO of the company, Hiroaki Taira, crowdfunding is usually used to hire additional talent on projects. He also talked about how small the company really is, saying he started off with himself in Japan and two people in Thailand, now they have six people working on the project.

Even though Crowdrive will start off by funding mobile games, they say they want to extend the service to both console and PC games in the near future. Anipipo (their anime crowdfunding site) took 15% commission from projects and have stated that Crowdrive (their gaming crowdfunding site) will take less. They state that having a relationship with SEGA Networks opens the doors for projects that could feature SEGA IPs.

If SEGA Networks does try to revive a old SEGA IP through Crowdrive, what franchise do you want it to be?

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