Koihime Enbu Version 2 released to arcades

The Sega-published arcade fighter Koihime Enbu just saw a significant version 2 upgrade.

This update brings a new support character named Zhang Liao, a training mode (that exists in the home ports already), 2 new colors for each character, and a load of balance tweaks and quality of life improvements to the 2014 fighting game.

Koihime Enbu is a fighting game based on Koihime Musou, a visual novel adaptation of the story of classical Chinese author Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Instead of your typical KOEI strategy simulation game, the game offers a load of anime girls kicking ass.

No word yet on if these changes will see their way to the PC, PS3, or PS4 ports of the game. Anyone in the West wanting to try the game out has the perfect opportunity this week, as the Steam version of the game is currently on sale for 50% off. Our friends at M2 handled the fairly well-received PC port.

SEGA posts ten hours of their APM D-1 FIGHTING FESTIVAL Competition

Before the year closed SEGA teamed up with Arc System Works and Koei Tecmo to host APM D-1 FIGHTING FESTIVAL over in Japan. It was a massive tournament mean’t to highlight their various properties and support the community of players.

You can see the full ten hour tournament video or you can see time stamps below:

SEGA’s Japanese tournament was rather more intense than traditional tournaments. Once you lost, you were eliminated, there was no loser brackets here. SEGA posted a results page for the tournament here. Jawa Curry Akira (who obviously played Akira) won the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate can be seen crying after his victory here. Chin up man, we too are hoping for a Virtua Fighter 6!

[Via Shoryuken]