SEGA’s social games coming to Facebook

Nikkei has reported that SEGA will be launching their ‘Play SEGA!’ brand across both Facebook and hi5 Networks.

SEGA promises to start the expansion by launching “Sega Play! Baseball” by the end of the month on Facebook. The same game will launch sometime in March on hi5. SEGA is set to be the first major Japanese developer to deliver content on hi5. When the game launches, it will be free to play with pay for items.

I for one support this, starting your own social game site is fine, but not having them in the #1 biggest social site around is just stupid.

[Thanks: ROJM]

Round Table: SEGA IPs that could make great social games

Social games seem to be the hot thing right, every company is doing them and most are having a big success. SEGA even has their own social gaming site, with some pretty neat flash based games.

But they don’t really use their old IPs, outside of Sonic, for their games and they are really just ‘flash games’ and not very social like Yakuza Mobile or Shenmue City. What SEGA games do we want to see become social games? Hit the jump and yell at us in the comment section.