SEGA having fall press event, teasing unannounced title

SEGA is going to hold a fall press event to show off some of its titles, one game at the event will be announced. Obviously we already know the title being shown at the event, Yakuza: Dead Souls.

The best part? SEGA didn’t invite us, which is a bit lame since we have been posting and supporting titles like Yakuza series coming over from Japan. But hey, thanks for inviting Go Nintendo, seeing as how well they cover Yakuza title news. Now we will sit in the corner of the party drinking our wine coolers and not bothering the other guests.

[Source: Go Nintendo]

SEGA posting teaser images online EDIT: Its Yakuza: Dead Souls

SEGA have posted this teaser image on their Facebook account. Many different theories form fans have been shouted, stuff like Shenmue 3 and Dreamcast 2 always making their wonderful return.

So what does it say? According to everyone on Facebook the rough translation is:

“End of that story is no more than a start of the new story”

I asked some of the Japanese community members we have on PSN and haven’t gotten a response. The other two images was one for twitter and one on IGN.

The IGN image says:

 “A then so perfect existence, already completely and utterly destroyed”

Edit: According to our Japanese forum member, STORM!, the twitter image says:

“We are going to see that… dead people souls”

Folks, sounds like its a teaser for the reveal of Yakuza: Dead Souls. We already saw this one coming. Thanks SEGA. Also, why did they use the Valkyria Chronicles font?  [/edit]

[Thanks: Roger]

Looks like Yakuza of the End is coming west as Yakuza Dead Souls

We have seen SEGA talk about Yakuza of the End before, they have said if it comes over it would have a new control scheme and title. It seems that it might come over after all, at least in Europe. The European Trademark has been filed by SEGA for Yakuza: Dead Souls, the logo is above.

I assume the game will come out sometime in 2012, so that means that SEGA officially has the best line up for 2012. Feels good being a SEGA fan.

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