Welcome to SEGAbits

Take off your shoes before you enter, don’t want you to ruin our fine carpet we have. If you just happen to stumble in here, you will notice that this is a SEGA related blog. That is correct. If you like what you see, keep on reading to get more information.


Why SEGAbits?

Well, this is a good question I guess.My thinking is that all SEGA consoles basically have a associated “bits” number to it. Like SEGA Master System was considered 8-Bits, this whole labeling of bits has not really been used since the Dreamcast. The reason that SEGA is displayed in all caps is because that is how SEGA types it, don’t get mad at us. As for “bits” being in all lower case letters, I assure you it has nothing to do with some weird dominatrix thing; it is just because I thought it made it stand out more. Well, maybe a little bit of a dominatrix fetish too, we like to be spanked by SEGA.

Login to comment

This is something that a lot of blogs tend not to do, because most of them want as many comments as possible and most people can’t be assed to register to a blog. There are a few issues with having open commenting, the first one is obviously spam, but also trolls. I knew some people that would put in bogus e-mails and post as someone else, since an infinite number of people could post under the same name handle.

Even though it might be a hassle, it only really takes you about 2 minutes to sign up; so go ahead and do it!

One ID

This is something I have always wanted for a blog, one ID for the forums and posting on the blog. Even though it was a pain in the ass, we did just that thanks to WP-United modification. So now you won’t need to waste times registering for two things. Aren’t you lucky? Like always, there might be minor issues with the modification, so contact us if you find bugs.

The Future

I really want to expand the site, not only with news about SEGA but we also want to do video reviews, comics, interviews, and much more. We are also open to new ideas that the community comes in. We also are in talks at the moment about doing a podcast, but don’t know if it will be weekly; since coming up with something to talk about every week might be a bit hard. This is up for discussion at the moment and when we post the first podcast we will also post more details.

As of now make yourselves at home and enjoy the new site. I would also like to thank Ingolme, Shadiwulf and Toggi3 for helping me get the site up and running. I will also like to thank our staff, God knows I’m lazy and will slack off on posting stories.


9 responses to “Welcome to SEGAbits

  1. ShadiWulf says:

    The article titles have the wrong URL, etc etc.

    =P I blame WP-United, you should fix dat shit.

  2. Pao says:

    Congratulations on the launch!

    Site looks great! 😎

  3. George says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-13">

    ShadiWulf: The article titles have the wrong URL, etc etc.=P I blame WP-United, you should fix dat shit.  

    The URL is the default URL set by WordPress, has nothing to do with WP-United.

    ::edit:: never mind you are correct

  4. Barry the Nomad says:

    Lookin good!

  5. ribbitking17 says:

    This is great!

    apparently i was banned (only some of the times though?) after SN made the switch to kartel

  6. upsidedown fuji says:

    Simple and easy to use design. I like it. 😀

  7. Monkeroony says:

    Brillant design.

    All the old members seem to have moved over.

    Chris couldn't afford the old site correct?

    Is there a paypal we would be able to contribute to if running costs start escalating.

  8. George says:

    <blockquote cite="comment-39">

    Monkeroony: he old members seem to have moved over.

    Chris couldn’t afford the old site correct?

    Is there a paypal we would

    If it gets bad, I'll make a donation link on the right bar. As of right now, we are doing fine (I hope). :mrgreen:

  9. straitJacket says:

    I’ve been sent from 2013 to say, well…
    everything is different, but the same… things are more moderner than before… bigger, and yet smaller… it’s computers… San Dimas [scratch that] SEGAbits rules.

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