Another Yakuza game in the works

Yakuza 4 has not even been released in Japan and they are already teasing the next installment, titled “Project K” for right now. The video has the following phrases flashing on the screen:

  • The boy knew it
  • The graveness of the crimes he continued to commit
  • But the boy still doesn’t know
  • The cruel fate that awaits
  • Also, the boy knows
  • That fighting is his destiny

The trailer shown to the press in Japan shows a boy, who seems to be the main character in the game. Might have to do with a younger Kazuma? Ends with:

“A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku starts”

[Source: AndriaSang via Forums]


One response to “Another Yakuza game in the works

  1. GG-Gurl says:


    perhaps..a young child? his own?

    hmm or

    the child of his old friend,or the child of someone in the Yakuza,seeking revenge?

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