Rumor: XSEED to bring Ivy The Kiwi to America?

XSEED seems to be on a role, bringing cult games over to America. They just released Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on the PSP and are already teasing their next project via Twitter. I have to admit, sounding like it can be Ivy The Kiwi.

“XSEED is poised to announce one of our hidden titles next week. It’s sure to be a feather in our cap…”

Not good enough? How about we add another tweet…

“For those guessing certain titles as our mystery announcement, you don’t really think we’d keep all our eggs in one basket, do you? ^_-”

Their third hint says it will be revealed via Nintendo Power magazine. If that was not enough, their facebook is hinting birds as well. It could most likely be Ivy in the Kiwi, XSEED has published Namco-Bandai games before and this is by Yuji Naka, enough to make a cover story. We shall keep you posted.

[Source: Siliconera]


2 responses to “Rumor: XSEED to bring Ivy The Kiwi to America?

  1. Centrale says:

    It looks pretty cool, and I really like the art direction. But personally I have trouble being patient with puzzle platformers.

  2. matty says:

    Xseed has been publishing some really good stuff. It's a shame a lot of them seem to go under the radar, and this game might be any different.

    Speaking of Nintendo Power, can you believe Arc Rise Fantasia got a 6 page spread after doing THIS?

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