Nagoshi talks Yakuza and Shenmue similarities

I’m one of those guys that does not think Yakuza is much like Shenmue, I think it have small elements that barrow for Yu Suzuki’s amazing game, but much different in the end. What does Nagoshi have to say about the comparisons?

“Fans are free to judge the game as they like. All of these games were created by SEGA. We might have included game elements from past titles unconsciously. But all of those elements appear in an evolved style.”

I dunno about “evolved style”, Shenmue had a better weather system on the Dreamcast and more varied character NPCs. Just saying. You can read the SPOnG interview here.


2 responses to “Nagoshi talks Yakuza and Shenmue similarities

  1. From the photos above I can see he is the one evolving.

  2. NinJaRed says:

    I liked Toshihiro at number 0 & 1 when he was just a normal looking nerdy dude, now he just looks like a weird JPOP star with all that plastic surgery… :///

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