Alpha Protocol, Small World Trailer.

The newest trailer for Sega and Obsidians Alpha Protocol: The espionage RPG. here is the related info,

With a plot torn from todays headlines and more twists than a blockbuster movie, Alpha Protocol brings a new level of modern day realism to the world of RPGs. Tasked with uncovering the perpetrators behind a tragic missile attack on a passenger jetliner, players dive into a story rich with characters and locations to discover an international arms-dealing conspiracy. Through their actions and choices, players direct the outcome of the game as they ultimately decide who to befriend, trust or kill. Out May 28th.

The game looks like great fun, even though the graphics leave a lot to be desired.  It’ll be interesting to see how this game fairs sales wise.


One response to “Alpha Protocol, Small World Trailer.

  1. Pao says:

    THE HOSTILE DESERTS OF SAUDI ARABIA!! Guess its our turn to be the evil nation.

    Game looks fun, I personally like the melee combat, let's hope Obsidian won't disappoint.

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